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Pick a fandom

By Ariana Deralte

Fanfiction Recommendations
This journal is for, as the title implies, fanfiction recommendations. I read a lot of different fandoms, so recommendations will be varied and in all genres. I will put fics up as I read and enjoy them. Topics of the entries will reveal just what fandom the fanfic is from, making it easy for anyone to ignore an entry that doesn't relate to a fandom they're interested in.

I speak my mind on here, so you'll get my honest opinion of a fic, and every story I put up here will have entertained me in some way. Other than that, my tastes vary by the day.

Any show listed in the interests below has a chance of having fics recommended by me (though many have been left out due to interest size limits). Leave me a comment if you want to know if I read the fandom you're interested in. Anybody who friends this journal will eventually be friended back.

If you're looking for my main journal, it's here.

Click on the memories above to see previous fanfic recs, sorted by fandom. Alternatively, you can find the stories listed as tags by fandom and genre (angst, humor, etc.). Tags are updated automatically when I post while memories are updated every few months.

Have fun reading!:)